VMX 2024

VMX 2024 was amazing, imagine 27000 people out of 81 countries. For me to have the possibility to lecture 4 times was so special. The audience was super enthusiatic and the interaction was incredible. Most important for me is that people go home and implement what they learned.  A few reactions I would love to share; 

I had the privilege of attending one of Esther’s lectures on Vet Tech Appointments at VMX 2024. She is exceptional at informing her audience while keeping us engaged with excellent presentation skills and presence. By sharing her personal experiences in practice, she makes application of her knowledge come alive and motivate those of us in attendance.  Esther has all the qualities that professionals in this industry should have and strive to cultivate in providing care for our patients. I eagerly look forward to what she has to offer in the future.
Lexi Cogdell, Vet Assistant at Healthy Pet the Mobile Vet

Esther’s presentations were my favorite at VMX since she expertly combines practical experience with humor and enthusiasm. Using storytelling and real-life examples, Esther engages the audience. The best word to describe Esther is authentic. The best way to describe how I feel is inspired.
Aimée Ravacon, VP Marketing at Provet Cloud by Nordhealth