To inspire people, the most effective way is on-site lecturing. Life eye connection with your audience and immediately response is giving everybody energy. Interaction will lift the lecture to a higher level. Dubai, Finland, South-Africa, Belgium and the Netherlands; all different countries but for me lecturing there showed me that all our problems, solutions and wins have the same base: Love for our profession. Ands that’s also how I reach my goals, so you also can reach your goals. My lectures are practical and implementable, and I give “ready to use” tools. Also I use lots of pictures and video’s of real situations in my lectures so for sure it will not be boring and to much theoretical.

Subjects can be:

  • Fear Free
  • Vet-tech appointments
  • PR & Marketing
  • Communication
  • Overweight in animals
  • Compliance

Examples of lecture titles: (and of course I make lectures on request)

  • Complaining about low therapy compliance does not solve the problem, Fear Free does.
  • Communication can drive us nuts, or give us the guts!
  • Vet-techs are BORN for Vet-tech appointments! So let them bring your practice to a higher level.
  • Vets learned to save animals, but how to get them in our practices is a big question mark. (which can be solved!)
  • Do you want less stress for animals, owners AND your staff? simple start, big effort. Fear Free!
  • Fear Free can change the whole workflow to a higher level.
  • Vet-techs can do so much more! Give them the opportunity to bring your practice to a higher level
  • Communication with guarantee for success, 10 tips everybody can use
  • A different approach to PR and marketing, make it a team effort.

Compagnies/groups I did lectures for, you can find reviews on this website;

Hill’s, Merck (MSD), Ceva, Vetoquinol, IVSA, LAVC