In-house training


Want to improve your work processes, results and team spirit? Inhouse training will work for your team! 

It does not matter if it is on location or online, training teams is a great way to reach goals together. To learn together means for me also discussing together; possibilities, problems which can be on the road, and solutions for those problems. My trainings are always build on a way that there is plenty of time for interaction. They are full with practical examples with lots of pictures and movies, so for sure not only hours of PowerPoint slides with lots of text. Most of the time we do a 2 hour training, but also a few compagnies choose for 3 times 1 hour with some days in between, so people could already explore and practice a little with the things we worked on.

The subjects can be;

  • Learn what Fear Free is and how to implement it in your team.
  • Vet-tech appointments is something that will give your practice a huge boost, will give the vet-techs a super nice challenge and it will lower the pressure on the vets.
  • PR & Marketing is something we all need to do! It is a team effort. And your practice can not do without it.
  • Communication between people is already so difficult. Imagine that there is even a third group in the circle; ANIMALS! We need to communicate otherwise it will be a mess.
  • Compliance. Important for the patients but how do we get it to a higher level?

Please contact me if you have ideas for a training. Together we can make it work for sure!

Training 4 practices (Mijn Dierenarts) to implement Fear Free. 

Esther introduced our 4 practices (Arnhem Nederrijn, Arnhem Presikhaaf, Oosterbeek en Groesbeek)  with working Fear Free. She has taken us into her infectious enthusiasm, is hugely involved and always available for questions. Esther is really thinking along and gives us many practical tips which are aimed at our own specific situation.. We already had a base for working Fear Free, but Esther gave us all, together with the Fear Free program, a huge boost to go further with it. Also, Esther showed us how we can work optimally and make us of this way of working. In short; highly recommended.

Inge Danen, Veterinarian vet-practice Nederrijn

Half a year later the reaction of Harald Salomons. Dierenarts/Clinical Director Cluster Arnhem; We are really happy with the training and working Fear Free. Animals, owners and our staff are really enthusiastic! 



Esther Klok is an absolutely super human being to be around. She is passionate about what she believe in, as far as horses and animals are concerned and her lectures were presented in a very professional manner. All the delegates could understand her very clearly, and she was willing to answer all questions in detail. Her knowledge is astounding.

Theony MacRae Co-director of Colin's Horseback Africa

Besides being an experienced veterinary assistant, Esther also gives training on location. A while ago a number of our assistants and veterinarians at Dierenkliniek Ridderkerk also had a training from her. This training was about setting up junior checks on animals and the implementation of these checks by the assistants and veterinarians. We followed this training with her because at that time we were planning to set up a junior program and wanted to do it right the first time. She provided the tools for this. In addition to material to work with, she explained to us clearly how we could deal with this. Thanks to her, our junior program is now a great success! 

Cindy van Oort, Vet clinic Ridderkerk