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DUBAI 2020

I can't thank you enough for your valuable time that you spent with us for the Fear Free talk. It was amazing and most the of the tips are graetly working in my daily routine as a vet nurse. I wish you will come back with new ideas next time to work as Fear Free. March 2020 Hills Pet Nutrition and Nova Pharma organized the CPD series. Abdul Basit British vet hospital Dubai

For me it was a special event because of the super enthusiastic audience. Many questions during and even weeks after the event, made it really interactive. Really nice to stay in contact with those people and beautiful to see that already the next day people were sending over things they immediately implemented in their practices and the results they got from that. I love to give practical lectures, but I love even more to see people using it in their jobs and private life’s. 'Esther Klok' 



VNASA mini congress South-Africa 2019

Your talk was very interesting, stimulating and great fun.You are such a bubbly enthusiastic person and your passion most certainly comes across when you stand there and speak out!! I loved the unique way of approaching the patients, to calm them down and keep them at ease, and I loved the way you include and teach the kids and the community! This is the best advertisement - seeing is believing - and word of mouth spreads like wild fire!! Well done - keep up the good work! Sr Janet Smith Large animal section manager Faculty of Veterinary Science University of Pretoria

Thank you so much for the valuable and very informative lecture. I am very eager to start the Fear Free course and will enroll soon. Your presentation is lively and entertaining and I would recommend them to all my colleagues. Keep up the good work! Sr. Marizelle de Clerq

Thank you so much for your ideas and lectures the time was far toooo short you must please do this again soon we need your insight and expertise to help our diploma. Anette van Veenhuyzen






Fennovet vet conference 2019 Finland

Esther is very enthusiastic and professional lecturer. Her lectures were formed mainly with a practical approach and they showed her long-term professional experience. In my opinion, her lectures gave new ideas, tips and enthusiasm for everyday work for the participants. It was easy and fluent to co-operate and share ideas about the content with Esther.

Ann-Mari Hella (past assistant) Fennovet Ltd


Badizo conference Belgium

I have worked with Esther several times and I am always touched by her expertise and experience but especially her passion to share this and to take everyone with her. Convincing people, making difficult things simple, putting theory into practice and all this with enthusiasm and knowledge. 

As an exhibitor (at her own organised conference), she makes you feel that your presence really counts. Inviting her as a speaker means a lecture with spirit, knowledge, an enthusiastic and interactive audience.  Esther brings out the best in herself, others and the animals! 
Fabienne Maes, Marketing Manager Benelux, Ceva Santé Animale. 


LAVC Peru 2022

 The biggest Latin American Veterinairy Conference was amazing! Super enthusiastic attendees in all my lectures. Fear Free is a subject people really love and implement already next day in their clinics. Many questions and lots of feed back from vets after the conference about implementing Fear Free in their daily routine. Thinking about going to this conference in the future? Go for it! it is really amazing. The conference is so well organised, everything perfect on time with a big expo hall and lots of things to do in your free time.

For me it was a once in a lifetime experience and who knows I get once the possibility to come back! 

Esther is a great speaker and very professional, friendly to the participants and up to date with the latest information and practices. We always hope to have her. Kamilo Rivera. Director of Operation LAVC. General Director of ELLATIN

Amsterdam Voorjaarsdagen / DANS 2022

The only International VET conference in The Netherlands, so really for sure I love to lecture here. Only speaking in English instead of my own language was really special..... no Dutch. But doing that together with Eric Garcia ( USA) was an azing experience. An opportunity to be on stage with one of the best rated speakers in the world is the best way to learn so much. And besides that I had so much fun with him on stage. Later on that day I lectured about Fear Free and the room was filled completely. So a conference I will never forget. 

South-Africa Fear Free road tour 2023

Traveling through South-Africa to; Durban, Cape-town and Pretoria. Lecturing 3 times, training 6 practices. Meeting so so many amazing people;  vets, vet-nurses, other staff and the whole Hill's team. In-house traing is great to do, really practical information they emmediately can implement. And lecturing...... never seen so many people almost sitting on each-others laps. Full-house, even big rooms totally filled-up. And here in South-Africa they know how to make lectures interactive! Many super questions, good ideas and sharing knowledge was every evening present. For me as a speaker it could not been more fun. Thanks so much Hill's Pet Nutrition for this amazing opportunity. 

MEAVC congress Dubai 2022

Middle East & Africa Veterinary Congress, a new event. Many vistitors already the first year. Only 6 hours flying from the Netherlands you can get an amazing congress with speakers from all over the world. vereything well aranged and an audiance willing to learn. After learning you can do many activities like a visit to the dessert or musea. A new event, you should not miss.

For me an opportunity to lecture again in Dubai and I hope it is not the last time.